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Follow these two simple steps to complete the storage unit booking process. Step 1 Click on the calendar day with your desired start date for renting, fill your details in the form below & when complete simply click the send button. Step 2 Click on the add to cart button under your required unit size & you will be taken to the checkout page to complete payment process for the first months payment in advance.

Unit 50 . 5 x 10 for €80 / Mth

contents of one bedroom apartment 50sq ft(4,645m2)

Unit 90 . 9 x10 for €120 / Mth

furniture boxes / files commercial goods antiques & fragile items motorcycles 90sq ft(8.361m2)

UNIT 120 . 12 X 10 for €160 / Mth

contents of a two bedroom house business & commercial goods appliances motorcycles 120sq ft(11.148m2)
To complete storage unit booking we require the first month's rental payment in advance. We offer flexible payment options including Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Laser and standing order. Please note that prices quoted are ex VAT (23%), you will receive a VAT invoice for your records.
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