Storage Units

Our storage rooms are cost effective and flexible where your goods will be stored in a secure dry room that you will have total access at no extra charge.

Our different rooms can take between 1 pallet and 10 pallets. We can also handle your collections and deliveries, freeing up your time and your staffs.

Our monthly contracts enable you to rent space on a month by month basis with no large outlays, you can just walk in and rent a unit. We also have a wide variety of handling equipment including a forklift to help move goods in and out of the facility as quickly as possible.

Freight storage

Deliveries and collections
We can handle your deliveries and collections, freeing up your time. There are no handling charges for pallets (You are allowed 10 pallets in and out per week before handling charges arise).

We have straightforward monthly invoicing and our storage agreement allows you to hire your space straight away and for as little as 1 month or for as long as you like. The price you are quoted for your room is the price you pay and our storage charge includes service charges, utility bills, security and rates.

Storage Room Availability

We have secure own key access storage room in three different sizes suitable for a variety of commercial or personal use.

Our Storage Services Include the safe handling of your fragile goods.

Commercial Storage – Residential Storage – File Storage

Fragile goods storage

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We offer flexible payment options including Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Laser and standing order.

Should you require we can also offer clean and secure warehouse pallet storage for your goods.

Whether you’re looking for temporary or a more permanent storage FASTFREIGHT have the right storage solution for you.